How to save your Children from Blue Whale Challenge (Suicide Game)

How to save your Children from Blue Whale Challenge (Suicide Game)

Guide for Parents to save their Child from Blue Whale (Suicide Game)

Blue Whale is a very Popular and Dangerous Game which is started from some years and now it is spread around many countries like India, Russia, Pakistan, China, Uruguay, Venezuela etc. It is stated in the Russia Country by a Person name as Philip Budeikin who is a Former Psychology Student.

This Game has a total of 50 Levels and each and every level has some difficulty in it. After completing every level, the level of difficulty enhances.

Symptoms that your Child is Playing Blue Whale (Suicide Game)

It is game launched by the Phillip Budeikin to destroy those who have no value in the Society. It is a game by which people are forced to kill themselves at the end of the 50th Level by committing suicide.
So everyone should become cautious about downloading and installing this dangerous Blue Whale game. Parents should take much more of their Children’s as it is noted that this Blue Whale Game is spreading across all the Countries and lots of children’s are getting victims of it.

So Parents should take a lot of Steps to keep their Children’s away from the Blue Whale game.

Photos of people who have committed Suicide because of Blue Whale APK Challenge Game:

Here are the few pics of those blue whale APK game players who are not now with us. They have committed suicide.


Blue Whale APK News Stuffs and Articles

There are many Steps parents should do to safeguard their Children’s and they are as follows:

1) If your Child is Lost, Depressed and Lonely, then Parents should take immediate and crucial actions to get them involved in some activities to divert their mind from it or providing them something new for learning.

2) A parent should not interrogate with their Children and instead, they should engage them in a Friendly discussion.

3) If your Child does any dangerous thing like self-harming, then Parents should take them to the Psychiatrist instead of the Physician.

4) Parents should make sure that their Children’s should use those Online Sites which are Ethical and not promote Unethical Behavior or Violence in Your Child.

5) Parents should ensure that Child access the Net from the Place where the Parents are mostly Located at that place.

6) Parents should talk to their Child for many times daily. Parents should Sit with the Children’s and explore all the Important and crucial information of the World online and try to make their Child engage in many Interesting Activities which includes Ethical as well as Secure Online Behavior.

7) Parents should be the Role Model of their Child and they should also be cautious with their own Online Activities.

8) Tell your Children that they should not provide the Personal Information on the Net such as on Facebook, Whatsapp, Redditt, Youtube Channel, Google+ etc as other people can perform illegal or wrong tasks by taking advantage of your personal information.

9) Parents should talk to other Parents, Share their issues and if possible then discuss the Best ways for helping your Children.

10) Parents should keep themselves updated with lots of latest Internet News.

What is Blue Whale 50 Days Challenge Game?

All these above Steps should be kept in mind by all the Parents to keep their Child safe and secure from many dangerous Web sites. So Parents should always keep their Children’s Safe from unethical and harmful Sites by using the Parental Controls which one gets in the Anti-Virus Protection Software.

How to Download Blue Whale Challenge APK for Android?

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