Symptoms that your child is playing blue whale game

Symptoms that your Child is Playing Blue Whale (Suicide Game)

What is Symptoms of Blue Whale Challenge Game?

Blue Whale is an Android Game which is quite popular in the World and many people are playing this Game. This is very dangerous as many cases have been launched about this Game and people have suicide due to this Game.

So everyone is now pleased to discontinue this Game if anyone is playing this Game or don’t try to download and install this game if not installed. It is noted that lots of people have died due to suicide by forcing them to commit suicide by this Blue Whale Game.

What is Blue Whale 50 Days Challenge Game?

So People should stay safe and if someone is playing this Game then try to stop him to play it and if that person doesn’t stop it, then contact the Police and tell them about the matter and they will divert their mind from the game and solve the issue. This Game makes the people divert their mind from the Real World and converts them to commit suicide.

Nowadays it is a very serious matter and Government is trying to ban this Blue Whale Game as soon as possible as Lots of people from Russia and many other Countries have committed suicide. It is essential for the Government to take the crucial steps on banning this game as well as removing this Blue Whale game from all the Web sites.

How to save your Children from Blue Whale Challenge (Suicide Game)

Parents should look at their Child about they are doing Online and try to check their Mobiles and Computers as they have installed Blue Whale Game or not.

Early Symptoms of People Playing Blue Whale APK Game:

They will be having a cut on their hands as shows in pictures below:


So if you feel that your Child is not behaving properly by performing some harming activities to them, then follow my steps mention below:-

1) If your Child performs some activities like going to the Kabristan at Night and trying to take Selfies, then check whether your Child is told by someone to do this activity. It is done by the Blue Whale Administrator to make the person become confident to do any dangerous activity.

2) If your Child watches any Horror Movies many times, then also it is possible that your Child is under the attack of Blue Whale Game.

3) If your Child is keeping himself/herself closed in the Room for many hours, then check as it is possible that your Child is going to be a victim of the Blue Whale Game.

4) If your child doesn’t let anyone come to meet him/her in the House, then also it can be possible that he/she is under the control of the Blue Whale Game.

5) If your Child is harming Himself or Herself by cutting their hands with the Knife or drawing a Blue Whale Fish design on the Hands with the Knife on the hands.

So people should remember all these things to save their Child from the Blue Whale Game. It is very Important Parents should keep checking about every type of Behavior of your Child.

Parents should immediately go to the Psychiatrist instead of the Doctor when the Child behaves in some different manner which is not his/her actual behaviour. So Parents can also go call the Police if the matter does not solve by the Psychiatrist

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