What is blue whale 50 days challenge game?

What is Blue Whale 50 Days challenge Game?

Information about Blue Whale Game

Blue Whale is a Popular Game which is played by lots of People in many different Countries such as India, China, Chile, Kenya, Uruguay, Venezuela, Brazil, Russia etc. It is a Game where there is a total of 50 Levels which one has to complete to win the Blue Whale Challenge Game.

There is an Administrator of the Blue Whale Game which provides you with each and every task at the end of every task completion. It has a total of 50 levels and after every task completion, the difficulty of the Game Enhances.

How to Download Blue Whale Challenge APK for Android?

It is essential for everyone to know that this Blue Whale Game has many Suicide cases and its organizer has been arrested by the Police as it is Game made to clean or kill those people who have no value to the Society.

Blue Whale Game provides you 100 points after completing the Entire Game. People have to do lots of dangerous tasks by which their life can be in danger zone.

This Blue Whale Game provides many tasks such as Watching Movies at Night, Going to Cemeteries at Night and taking Selfies, Waking up at Night, Listening to Music and at the Last of 50th Level people is made to commit suicide. People should stay away from this Game and should be safe as this Game ruins the life of the people and then makes the person to suicide.

Signs that your Child is Involved in Blue Whale APK Challenge Game:

blue whale challenge symptoms

How to Download Blue Whale Challenge APK for Android?

People also say that they have to install the Application given by the Administrator on their Smartphones, and many other people tell that it is through the Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram by which the Administrator can be able to get in touch with your personal Information.

There are many people who died in many Countries such as Russia, India, China, Chile, Brazil, Bulgaria, Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela etc. In Russia, almost 130 People died due to Suicide cases by playing this Blue Whale Game.

Symptoms that your Child is Playing Blue Whale (Suicide Game)

The government has taken actions on the organizer of this Blue Whale Game and he was arrested by the Police. Government is now trying to ban this Blue Whale Game and also removing all the APK of the Blue Whale Game from all the Websites to ensure that nobody can be able to play this Blue Whale Game in any Country.

So Strict rules and regulations were made by the Government to eradicate the Game from everywhere from all the Web sites. It is essential for all the Parents to safeguard their Child by not letting their Child play the Blue Whale Game.

How to save your Children from Blue Whale Challenge (Suicide Game)

Parents should always check the Child about the activities they are performing and also about their own Behavior. People should interrogate with their Children about everything.

They should be in touch with their Child about discussing with them about various topics and their day-to-day activities by which Parents can be able to know about the activities of the Child. So Parents should make their Child stay away from the Blue Whale Game and if required then can also call Police or go to the Psychiatrist.

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